Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sensationnel Start2Finish Weave Installation And GIVEAWAY ~*~ Click HereTo See Instructional Video

Hey Beauties, Check my Sensationnel Start2Finish
weave installation. It was quick and easy, I just use
weave bonding glue.You can sew it in, or you can glue
it in. Try it! :-) I hope you'll like it!

START 2 FINISH Premium Quality 100% Human Hair

Start2Finish makes your hairstyling experience quick and easy from
"Start 2 Finish"! Made with 100% Premium Quality Human Hair, it
comes equipped with 3 FREE additional pieces to give you a natural,
finished look:

*Start with Free Nape Piece
*Add the weaving hair
*Finish with Free Closure


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