Saturday, September 12, 2015

How Megs Put On Her Wigs! She's WIGGING IT!

Today my guest vlogger is the wonderful and talented ulovemegz, with a strong following on YouTube, no wonder she is so popular.  I like her helpful how-to video on beauty. From hair to makeup and 
beyond... Meg is delightful and very helpful, and she knows what she is doing. 

In her video below, she will show us how to put a wig and make it look very natural. She will also show us her braid pattern and how it makes her wigs look flat and natural.  Check her out.


Riri Hearts Mac "Talk That Talk" lipliner

Mac "Velvet Teddy" lipstick

Mac "Fashion Punch" lipglass

This wig was a RPG Show Wig CLS026S but I dyed the wig black 

using Clairol Textures & Tones 1B "Silken Black" and 1N "Natural 


Original look of the wig on RPG show site 

Wig Cap size 1


How do you moisturize your hair under your wigs? 

Products Used

Nude wig cap (bought from my local beauty supply store)

Nioxin Smooth Reflectives Soft Holding Spray

Hicks Transformations Edges

LA GIRL Pro Conceal Hd Concealer "Fawn"

Source: YouTube. Video and photos are the sole property of 
 Megz ulovemegz
Business Inquiry/Contact cc/contact Megz

Monday, September 7, 2015

How To Put On A Cosplay Wig - For Beginners

Putting on a wig could be hard for anyone, especially beginners.  getting your natural hair in place so that it doesn't peek out from under the wig cap is not always easy.  In the video below, my guest blogger Ginny McQueen will show you how to section your natural hair, especially if it is super long. I like Ginny she seems very sweet and her video is very helpful.

   DIY How I Made My Own Wig Caps EASY TUTORIAL 
                          Great for Cosplay Wigs

The video below is by Dezi it's a easy tutorial on how to make
a wig cap especially if your natural hair is long, and it can't fit 
under the standard size wig cap. The video below will provide 
the flexibility and easy fit that smaller wig cap don't. This is a 
quick and easy way to make a wig cap, and you don't have to
sew it.  


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