Sunday, April 23, 2017

Big And Curly Deep Part Wig EVELYN By Sensationnel

    This hair is beautiful and it look and feels so natural. I get so many compliments when I wear this unit.

The curls are soft and fluffy I did finger detangled every time I wore the unit, to prevent the wig from getting very tangled.     

Over all she lasted a few months she did get messy looking, and I used her often. I love this lil girl.

To get this wig a little extra full, I simply just pulled the curls with my fingers. I love big hair, so this is a must for me.

 It was easy to achieved a natural looking part. If you want your part wider... simply pluck a few strands out with a pair of tweezers,
and add your favorite natural color concealer to the lace part.

Check out my video review below on this cute unit. 
It's simply beautiful.  

In my video below I'll show you some styling options with the hair line, so it can look as natural as possible.

Brown Sugar BS201 Soft Lace Front Wig *No More Digging Holes In Your Hairline*

Brown Sugar BS201 Soft Lace Front Wig
*No More Digging Holes In Your Hairline* 

Hi Ladies, I'm so excited to try the Brown Sugar lace front wigs.  
The lace is super soft and doesn't scratch or poke at the hairline. 

This lace feels soft like the French lace in the more 
expensive human hair wigs. 

I love the cut, color and length on me. The unit is a blend of Human & Synthetic hair.  It's very soft to the touch.

The hair has a natural hair feel, and the texture is similar to 
Afro-American, & Afro Caribbean  
hair texture that has been pressed or flat ironed.

In my video below I'll show you some styling options with the hair line, 
so it can look as natural as possible.

Also, see how I place the unit on, as well as parting the hair, 
and other baby hair options.

Shop Brown Sugar BS201

Saturday, April 22, 2017


This is one of the natural looking synthetic wigs. 
It can be worn as a whole wig, or a half wig.
 It has a kinky look which I love. 

I had to pull the curls with my fingers to make it kink up a little.
I love wearing it as a whole wig.  But I later found I could easily manipulate it to look like a half wig.

I filmed how I do my natural hair style for work. It's quick & easy. The wig I'm using is "La Jay by Vanessa" You don't have to use the exact same products to get similar results. 

You can also use extra wide head bands. This change up the look of your style.

Shop Extra Wide Head Bands

Check out the video below to see how I defined my natural hair to wear with the La Jay Wig. It's very easy to achieve.

Shop La Jay Wig

NEW EASY QUICK WIGS Janet Collection AGATHA Half Wig

This is one of the Janet Collection newest line of easy quick wigs.

it's fast and easy to put on, but the real beauty in this wig is 
that it looks so natural. It reminds me of Brazilian curly hair, which I love. 

Check out the video so you can see how I styled this unit, by placing it behind my natural hairline.


BRAZILIAN GIRL EQUAL Drawstring PonyTail Wig

I'll show you how quick and easy to put on this Brazilian Girl ponytail It's by Equal. 

She's full and easy to wear. Plus it will help you keep down the heat from your head this Summer. This ponytail is synthetic, but it last for weeks. 

It comes in lots of colors too. 


Shop For Brazilian Girl 


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