Saturday, July 18, 2015

STEP BY STEP Wash Lace Wigs Without Tangling & Matting

Hey Beauties, this is my step by step tut on how I wash my lace wigs, full cap wigs and my extensions. This method prevents matting and tangling. I've been using this method for years, and I rely on it not to tangle and mat my human and synthetic wigs. 

Check out the video below so you 
will have a better idea of how I manipulate my wig when washing.
I hope you find it helpful.

This deep wave wig is so beautiful. 100% Indian remy human hair and the full lace cap create a super natural look for you. The natural state of the curl is a soft loose wavy. 

This is some beautiful hair. I'll post another video to show how the the hair is holding up, but Ladies I really like this one... I think it's a keeper.  If you're interested in the wig, it's from

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Thanks so much for taking the time to watch my videos. 



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