Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Amazing Wig That Looks So Realistic Like it's Growing From Your Head

I fooled so many people with this amazing wig that looks so realistic.  This is a glue-less cap wig by Eva Wigs.  It's one of their fantastic wigs that doesn't need glues or adhesives when you wear it. 

You simple just pop it on your head, and slide the combs that are sewn in into place.  The pictures below show just how realistic this wig really is.  I've included a video with this post so you can see all the details of this wig.  In the video I share some of my tips and tricks that help make wearing this 
wig look so so natural.  Check out my video below,

Coupon Code Dezi10164U  For $35.00 off.
My choice was the Nathalie Inspired Short Curls Hairstyle Full Lace Cap 100% Human Hair C-NC005.  The wig was customized to be longer than the one shown on the site.  If you want it longer or shorter use the selection chart.   http://www.evawigs.com/celebrity/547-nathalie-inspired-short-curls-hairstyle-full-lace-cap-100-human-hair.html

evawigs mid year sale  http://www.evawigs.com/2015midyear.php


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